We awoke to a winter wonderland of snow, which was both exciting and confusing - we were in Arizona and set to spend the day at the Grand Canyon which, in our minds, has nothing to do with snow.

Konrad, our friendly AirBnB host kindly offered to take us to the canyon and to Wupatki Pueblo on the way. The Pueblo was built nearly 1000 years ago from the local Moenkopi sandstone and blends in with the landscape. The inventive builders of the pueblo created double walls and filled the interior with straw for insulation, collected water from the roofs and even had an internal fireplace and chimney system.

Unfortunately there wasn’t much to see at the Grand Canyon. While the Canyon covered in snow had all the makings of a beautiful sight, a pea soup of fog prevented us from seeing the person in front of us, let alone the 1 mile deep, 10 mile wide gorge.

In spite of the obscured view, we did have a fun day playing in the snow and having a picnic on ice!