The snow overnight had died down, and the sun was shining - which we were pretty pleased about as it gave us a chance to (with only a slight detour) revisit the Grand Canyon and this time be able to see it. As we were keen to get onto Vegas we only went to one of the lookouts, but what an amazing sight! The sky was crystal clear, and the remaining snow on the ground and trees really added to the ambiance at one of the World’s 7 natural wonders.

It was then back in the car and along Historic Route 66 to Sin City, stopping briefly along the way at an American 50s diner in Williams. In true Vegas style, we enjoyed the very classy buffet dinner at our Hotel, The Aria, followed by a long night of poker and free drinks (longer for some than others, with Gav returning to the room at 9:30am, 20 minutes before Paul and Brodie got up for the day).