We started the day with a trip to Arlington National Cemetery, home to the graves of over 300,000 servicemen and servicewomen, along with a number of other notables, including JFK and Jackie O, several Supreme Court Justices and other former Presidents. It was surprisingly busy (surprising to us, anyway), but still quite poignant to walk amongst the seemingly endless rows of white gravestones, or to look out over Washington at the JFK memorial.

Heading back in to Washington, we ate lunch at the Museum of the Native American Indian, whose restaurant had been recommended to us by a number of folks in the know. We sampled Indian-style bison, salmon, buffalo tacos and salads, which were all pretty tasty (although quite expensive). The Air and Space museum, again a highly-recommended stop, was our next destination. While we thought it was pretty good, catching a fun 3D film / Boeing advertisement and walking through a number of the exhibits, it certainly wasn’t the best of the museums we’d been to on the trip (guess we were still coming down from the high of the National Constitution Museum in Philly).

In the evening, we came back in to the city to get some night shots of the various monuments - Paul captured some great images of the brand spanking new Martin Luther King Jr Memorial, the Lincoln Memorial, and the incredible WWII memorial (the White House was pretty difficult to photograph at night, as it’s lit up like a Christmas tree. Well, like a Christmas tree with snipers on the roof).

Freedom Fact: We have Freedom, but hamsters don’t.