We waited in line with the other People* at the National Archives to see the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence thus completing our Team America refection montage recreation. The National Museum was a fun place to visit - the aptly and affectionally dubbed “Nation’s Attic” sports such pieces as Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers, the original Muppets, the first Van Der Graph machine, Abe Lincoln’s Hat and the robe of a supreme court judge worn at the impeachment case of President Clinton.

The afternoon was spent back with our host family, where Heather gave Gav and Paul a lesson in baking Pie - we made sweet potato pie as well as pumpkin to settle which is better - extensive taste tests pointed to a slight lean to the sweet potato pie. Then we went to the Jews Place…

Freedom Fact: There are more Chinese restaurants in the USA than McDonald’s, Pizza Hut and Burger King combined.

Blatant Plug / Link Love: Heather is a seriously good baker. She has a wonderful cooking blog (click here), and just started a business selling home-made pies in the Washington DC area - buy em cause they are the shiz - click here.

*Subtle/lame attempt at a “We the People” gag.