Before leaving the BosWash area we visited George Washington’s homestead on the banks of the Pontomac.

The “self-educated Architect”* designed and built most of the house himself which is pretty impressive. What is more impressive is his very confident colour schemes. The house was decorated with beautiful, saturated greens and blues - quite unusual for the time. His homestead is in a beautiful location with sweeping views over the Pontomac from his back porch, a view which is now protected from the urban encroachment of the Capital and its surrounds. We also proved that we had “George Washington’s constitution” by taking a walk in his woodland trail.

It’s pretty well established that George Washington was a pretty good guy, but here are some facts that we learnt at the elaborate museum Washington won freedom for his country from the British, forfeited his power to the people - twice, freed his slaves (after his death, when he no longer had a use for them).

*We all know, of course, that it’s not possible to be a self-educated architect, as Architecture is a registered profession. Without tarnishing the good name of Ol’ George, it’s more accurate to describe him as a ‘self-educated building designer’. Doesn’t have quite the same ring to it though…