After our first real day of road-trippin’ we awoke in our disappointingly well appointed road-side hotel and headed to Niagara. Our number plate game (trying to photograph one number plate from every state) hit pay-dirt at the Niagara car park. Evidently, people from all over the place travel to see this natural wonder. 

From the U.S. side, we took the Maid of the Mist out into the eye of the storm. Luckily we were decked out with attractive blue ponchos before boarding the boat, because it gets seriously wet out there! Then we went to the Cave of the Winds (which turned out to be a bit of a misnomer; not a cave in sight) and proceeded to get seriously wet again on ‘The Hurricane Deck’.

Over the border in Canada we quickly realised that they definitely got the better view of the falls. I imagine the exchange over the location of the border went something like this:

Canada: ‘Well we want the best view of Niagara Falls so we can put casinos and hotels and stuff there, ay’

U.S: ‘You can have the good view if we can be a world power…’

After a drive around (a very small part of) Lake Ontario we arrived at our luxury Toronto condo and enjoyed the hot tub whirlpool and free candy!