Breakfast (at our now-local cafe) this morning was quickly followed by a Harvard merchandise spree and a trip out to Fenway Park - the oldest operational baseball field in America. We had a great tour guide, and while none of us are huge baseball fans (we got a number of unknown names thrown at us) we found it all pretty interesting.

We hurried back in to the city in order to collect a very exciting package - our first rental car! One free upgrade to a proper American vehicle (a Chevy) later, we were on our way to Syracuse (a stopover on our way to Niagara Falls), re-acquainting ourselves with right-hand side driving and American-style driving (a lack of merging).

Freedom Fact: ”Free Refills” is magical phrase in America, which allows you to refill your soda (aka “pop”) again and again - not necessarily at the same place you bought the original beverage.