We, along with all the tourists to Roswell, were there to learn about the reported UFO crash-landing and the alleged coverup in 1947. The much hyped UFO museum and Research Center began by asking “what happened in Roswell back in 1947? You decide?” before launching into a very comprehensive, but arguably quite biassed, display of eye-witness accounts, newspaper reports and even government documents which seem to prove that a space0craft of unknown materials crashed into a Roswell field and at least one live extra-terrestrial was captured and subjected to tests, all while the military were vehemently denying any such events. After grabbing some alien Coke, we left, convinced that the micro-circuit is technology gained by reverse engineering remnants of the crashed ship.

On route to Farmington, NM we stopped by Santa Fe. This charming little town with its adobe-style buildings and large artist community was experiencing an unusual weather event - snow! We revelled in the infrequent, but decidedly snowy flakes while wandering around the many galleries and sculpture gardens. We also enjoyed some espresso coffee and a magazine at the trendy cafe, Downtown Subscription.