It wasn’t the best start to the final day of our trip - spending 3 hours on the phone to Budget car rentals trying to convince them that we hadn’t stolen their car and to call off the collections team they’d sent after us. 

Putting that behind us we went to live out one of Brodie’s life ambitions by hiring bikes and taking a ride along Venice Beach, visiting the Andrew Christian outlet where we actually caught a glimpse of Andrew himself, the Griffith Observatory for a great view over the Hollywood sign, and buying a shite-load of candy to take home.

Dropping our car back in LA saw us conclude our ~7,500 miles across the United States. This really was the trip of a lifetime; we had a simply amazing time, met some of the most wonderful people, and had experiences we’ll treasure forever.

Thanks to everyone/anyone who read our blog :) (sorry the last post took two years to write)