Our first day in Sunny LA was anything but. It was absolutely pouring rain for the whole day. That didn’t stop us doing the usual things Hollywood walk, Hollywood museum where we saw, amongst other things, Oscars, costumes from Michael Jackson to High School Musical and the prop dog from Something about Mary.

We admired some more of Frank Gehry’s work in the Disney Concert Hall which we learnt has one of the most active and impressive yearly schedule of events in the world - however that is only to satisfy the contract awarded to the owners of the venue’s car park.

After spending a lot of time driving around rainy LA we made our way out to a mall to live out our very own Elle Woods fantasy (and to try and stay dry) - and a trip to the movies seemed like a great activity. Unfortunately it lead to a very tense few hours as Gavin lost our hire car key in the cinema - a mistake that would have cost around $750 in tow and key replacement fees had it not been found.