Today was a big driving day with a few pit stops on the way, including:

A visit to another country, San Marino. Europe’s 3rd smallest country was a very nice place, situated on a high mountain tops with views over the Adriatic Sea. Gavin’s main motivation for visiting was to practiced some Uncertified Psychiatry - you’ll have to ask him why.

Ravenna, where we sampled gelati ranking very highly on the list of Italy’s best - was a very nice little town with beautiful gardens and churches with stunning mosaics.

The anticipation and excitement of our arrival in Venice was unrivalled. Perhaps it is because the journey to get there is more involved, perhaps it’s because we arrived late at night when the place is relatively devoid of tourists. It was very exciting to be walking the tiny lanes and crossing Venice’s bridges, the place is almost like a fantasy-world at night. Despite being tired, very hungry and dealing with the constant threat of getting completely lost, none of us could wipe the smiles off our faces!