We got up early to visit David at the Galleria dell’academia, a gallery purpose built for him after it was decided it probably wasn’t a goot idea to leave such a famous (and expensive) statue out in the open! We were a little worried that we might be underwhelmed when we saw the statue, but it was the complete opposite! It was love at first site. He is truly amazing. The detail and the expressions that Michelangelo was able to capture in a giant made of stone were mind blowing. Vassari said “whoever has seen this work need not trouble to see any other work executed in sculpture” - we agreed.

Il Gusto pizza was for lunch and then up the hill again to the Piazzale Michelangelo to take in the views of Florence by day - it was all too much for Brodie who had a nap in the park while Gav and Paul trip-hacked their way into San Miniato al Monte.