Halloween, Baby! A day of preparation for the big night. We fine tuned our costumes, bought supplies for the trick-or-treaters, carved pumpkins and set up the Halloween scene on our New Orleans stoop! We donned our costumes (Paul and Gavin, as Stewie and Brian from Family Guy, and Brodie as Phantom of the Opera) and waited out the front to give the kids candy!

Then we headed into Bourbon Street giving away the rest of our candy as we went - kind of like reverse trick-or-treating! A girl we met on the way was kind enough to let us sample her minced meat cup cakes - which looked like real cupcakes and even had blue mashed potato icing! They were delicious, but messed with your mind!

Bourbon Street was pumping and there were some amazing costumes including Princess Beatrice (complete with the hat from the royal wedding!), The House from ‘Up’, Gumby, and several ‘glory holes’. Stewie and Brian had their fair share of admirers, it was like being celebrities! We walked to Frenchman Street, where all the locals go out and it was packed with costume-clad revellers.

Things get a little bit hazy from here on. Let’s just say there was a house party with free alcohol, a ‘hurricane’ and many more drinks and good times before the night ended!