Another bagel breakfast before heading off on the Subway towards the 9/11 memorial. Freedom tower isn’t finished yet, but we really loved what they’ve done there so far - with giant water fountains outlining the silhouette of the two towers with the names of the victims of the tragedy engraved in the surrounding ledges. From the centre of the two pools are light beams that shoot into the sky, unfortunately far too infrequently and we were unable to see them.

We then took a stroll down Wall Street before catching the free ferry across to Staten Island for views of the Statue of Liberty and our first taste of delicious New York Pizza - some of the best pizza we’ve had outside of Napoli!. We also now know the best way to make a burger - wrap it in pizza dough and fry it - amazing.

Absolutely drenched from the 20 odd block jog through the pouring rain, we settled into Turtle Bay (a mid town bar that was willing to show the AFL Grand Final) to watch Collingwood conquer Geelong. We are finally starting to get used to the tipping thing - in fact Gav’s generosity on that front landed him with a free drink - something he would certainly regret the next morning.