Battling through Atlanta’s chaotic traffic, we made tracks to The World of Coca-Cola - where we proceeded to actually pay Coke to spend 2 hours pumping us with enough Coke adverts to last a lifetime. Don’t get us wrong - it was interesting, elaborate, delicious, exciting and inspirational. You can’t help but walk out feeling that Coke is single handedly responsible for all of the world’s happiness. However, the sixty or so different Coca-Cola soda flavours at the end of the tour left us with a slight stomach-ache.

Right across the beautiful Pemberton park was the Atlanta Aquarium, the largest Aquarium in the world which was a lot of fun. A highlight was being able to touch a Stingray - Brodie noted it would make a nice pair of slippers. We also tried to pet the shark, but he wouldn’t come close enough. Frown.

Freedom Fact: Coca-Cola was invented by Pharmacist John Pemberton in 1886, in Atlanta Georgia. You would pay 5c for your Coke which would come from a porcelain urn as a syrup to which you would add 5 ounces of soda water. He sold the company only a few years later for a few thousand dollars lol.