Today we ventured off to the spectacular Amalfi Coast! There’s a reason this place is so popular (and that you have to wait in enormous queues just to get a bus there). It really is amazing to travel on the twisting and turning roads that hug the mountainside and to see the villages clinging for dear life as they dangle off the edge of shear cliffs that drop into the sparkling blue Mediterranean.

We caught the bus from Sorrento through to Amalfi, skipping the tourist trap of Positano. Amalfi was a quaint little town and while it was still very touristy, it was also very charming.

There’s not a lot of historical sites to see in the town as most of it slipped into the ocean during a tsunami in the 14th Century! It’s easy to see how! Amalfi, along with all the towns on the coast, leaves you wondering whether the buildings are incredibly well engineered or, as it seems more likely, they are more like a house of cards that are delicately assuming their current positions through a combination of skilful placement and a lot of luck!

After a short look-around in Amalfi we headed uphill to Ravello with its picturesque (car-free) centro storico and spectator views! We visited Villa Cimbrone which boasts amazing gardens set amongst the plunging cliffs - the highlight being the Terrazzo dell’lnfinito (the Terrace of Infinity).