A visit to the V&A, an art and design museum in London, served to prove one very important point: British history can be summed up as tea pots throughout the ages. They’re also pretty big on silverware!

In Hyde Park, numerous Londoners were relieving themselves from the +20 temperatures in Lady Diana’s Memorial Fountain despite the signs which instructed visitors not to walk on the stone. Of course, Lady Diana was a Princess of the People, she would have wanted people walking on her stone, so down with authority!

The Serpentine Pavilion by architect, Peter Zumthor (whom I’m sure you’re all familiar with? No?! He’s a bloody Pritzker Prize winner, people! Look him up…) did not fail to disappoint with its raw use of materials and monocrome palate contrasting with the internal free-space and stunning wild-flower garden; a beautiful place for introspection and overpriced coffee.