2 November 2011

Before bidding New Orleans farewell, we visited made (architectural) pilgrimage to Piazza d’Italia, one of the finest examples of the Post-Modern era of design. The piazza didn’t disappoint, with its stainless steel, stylised column capitals and the bust of the architect used as fountainheads. Very historically aware, very tongue in cheek, very PoMo. 

We couldn’t leave Louisiana without taking advantage of what we assume is a loophole to the drink-driving laws - Drive-through Daiquiris! Maybe it’s ok if it’s served in foam and drunk from a straw? Or maybe it’s got something to do with being frozen? All we know is that the impressively strong, and generously served Daiquiris are both delicious and help to make a long trip to Austin bearable - if not enjoyable! You go Louisiana.