London really turned on the weather for us (for about 10 minutes) and we were able to do some sightseeing on the Gavin Ballard and Jen Kerstein Walking Tour:

Trafalgar Square Buckingham Palace Westminster Abbey Houses of Parliament and Big Ben Downing street, which unfortunately is now closed during the week so we weren’t able to walk down Flying solo on the tube

Fun Fact: London has several major international airports.

Pro Tip: It’s a good idea to check what airport you are departing from to avoid a time consuming, expensive and disheartening mistake!

Yep, we went to the wrong freaking airport. Due to an easyBus ticketing mistake (read: we mixed up our tickets) we arrived at Stansted Airport only to be told that our flight was leaving from Gatwick Airport (about an hour and a half in the opposite direction) by a rather smarmy check-in lad. So we missed our flight to Rome! Luckily we were able to transfer our flights to the next day for a nominal fee. So we would get to Rome eventually, even with slightly bruised egos…

Highlight of the day: Listening to the french couple on the bus sing the chorus to Savage Garden’s ‘To the Moon and Back’ in unison.