Today we headed to the small town of Mill Run to visit one of the most famous houses in the World - though many Americans with give you a puzzled look if you tell them you’re going to Falling Water. Frank Lloyd Wright’s masterpiece, perched over a waterfall in the woods did not disappoint, though the tour-guide did! The squat proportions of the house was a real surprise, FLW hated tall people and even wore 2 inch lifters in his shoes to make him appear taller than his 5”6’, and he designed very low ceilings intentionally so that ‘weeds’ over 6” would feel uncomfortable.

It was also clear that FLW didn’t want the Kaufman’s son to ever settle down and marry (a wish that came true) as his bedroom level, while offering a generous study, only had room for one very small single bed (even though he was in his 20s when the house was designed).

The middle of fall was a great time to visit the house (though any season would have its benefits); the reds, oranges, yellows and browns of the deciduous trees were stunning.

We also made a stop off at Gettysburg, famous for the civil war Battle of Gettysburg, and the subsequent address by Abraham Lincoln. Unfortunately we were too late to go to the museum there, but we were able to take a look at some of the stops on the auto tour of the town, including a battle ground (kind of just looks like a big field unless there’s a reenactment going on, and the cemetery.

After a long day of driving and sightseeing we arrived in Philly about 10pm to, Ryan, our very confused AirBnB host - we had arrived a day earlier than we had booked for, what are we like?!

Freedom Fact: Americans always say “BYOB” which is handy to avoid any confusion or disappointment when heading to the BYOB Strippers.