So our big trip begins today!

Not a great start to the day, however, as our car was broken into and our camera and a laptop stolen. Luckily our insurer was willing to disregard the previous day’s email requesting to cancel our policy, and we rushed into the city to buy a replacement camera (in fact we got an upgrade) before boarding Qantas’ very flashy A380 on flight QF9 through to Singapore.

The flight was great - very smooth, good food, drinks included, and our very own entertainment centre (although no inclusion of Jumanji or Twister).

We landed at 9pm local time and caught a taxi to our hotel for the night. The drive from the airport was particularly nice due to the impeccably manicured trees and bushes lining the streets - very impressive compared with Melbourne’s less than appealing freeway. 

In this blog we hope to share our favourite photo of each day, and (briefly) note what made it special.

We hope you like it :)

Paul and Brodie