For a great view over Chicago without the price tag of an observation deck, we trip-hacked our way into the Signature Lounge bar atop the Hancock Building and got our cocktail on. Chicago Martini = Great, Windy City Martini = Awful, Cosmopolitan = Crap.

We added another notch on our “Hotdogs across the USA” belt in the Chicago “Downtown Dog” - yum. (Don’t worry, the depressing irony of a waist-expanding metaphor in this context isn’t lost on me (and I don’t mean actual Irony, I mean it in the way Alanis Morrisette uses it, which is more meaningful I think.)). We met our first-year-college friend, Briel, for dinner at a Thai restaurant in Evanston with quite the identity crisis: Thai menu, mexican colour scheme, pasta decorations and french toilette door signs. The food was delicious nonetheless and it was great to catch up with Briel and her Business School chums. We got back Shelley and Chris’ place in time to catch the end of Shelley and her friends’ Kardashian Wedding party for a Baileys.