Corey and Pam made Omelettes for Breakfast which went down a real treat - the secret is Turmeric - sssshhhhh.

We spent the next couple of hours in the pool debating whether or not it was worth the trek out to the Ford Museum to see such famed items as the chair in which Lincoln was shot, Rosa Parks’ bus* and Thomas Edison’s last breath*. The pool and thirty-something degree weather won - big surprise.

After a couple of drinks at the Golf Club we were taken to see ‘The Ides of March” at the new local cinema; a moving theatre how God intended it to be - with unlimited drink from a touch screen soda fountain with some x** flavours of coke products, and all you can eat* popcorn with an array of self-serve flavourings and toppings and a hot butter tap. Needless to say, the film took a back seat to the lavish excess of sugary/salty/cheesy/buttery popcorn.

* “All you can eat” - again, not just all you can eat here.