We had a late start to the day as Vegas late nights (both of them) started to take a toll.

Paul and Gavin exercised their Constitutional right to bear-arms and went shootin’ at an indoor gun-range - testing their skill over 100 rounds with an H&K P30. Despite being one of the smaller weapons at the range (on which we would be allowed to shoot a fully automatic, $120k+ gun, unattended. For $20) our 9mm pistol still gave slightly more kick than the rumble pack of the Nintendo-64 007 days which was enough for us. $5 was on the line for best shooter, and Paul took the honors 5-0.

Brodie chose to stay at the hotel and pamper himself at the day spa instead.

With Brodie at one with the world, and loud ringing in Gav and Paul’s ears, we all headed out and enjoyed a thai dinner together followed by Paul unsuccessfully trying to win back the money he’d lost, and Gavin generously donating back his previous winnings.