Our ferry arrived in sunny Civitivecchia, and we immediately departed for Lucca; a quiet little Tuscan town whose city centre remains surrounded by its intact medieval walls.

We stopped over for a visit to Pisa to see its Torre Pendente (Leaning Tower). There were two types of tourists there: those having a lot of fun taking pictures of themselves in funny ways with the tower and those bitterly judging them. We were the latter. Observations of the tower that it is both smaller and in better condition than imagined - standing only 55m tall and in impeccable condition after its 1990s restoration.

An always fun activity, we visited the local supermarket to find the local treasure. Limoncello on the shelf for $5 - mind blown. Also on the shelf: Absolut vodka; $14, Moet; $29, Baileys; $10.

We arrived at Sabrina’s BnB which was really nice - Sabrina is very nice and we made a new friend in the Canadian girl also staying there. We ducked back to the soupie and bought supplies to cook dinner for everyone - appropriately, I made pasta :) After dinner we enjoyed the aforementioned Limoncello and some local Tuscan vino rosso - lovely.